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MYOW Letterman [Blue]

MYOW Letterman [Blue]

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Classic varsity jacket with custom ‘Make Your Own Way’ embroidered patches. 100% wool

Men’s Blue Letterman Jacket

With our Blue Letterman Jacket from MYOW Apparel, you can up your fashion game. This jacket, which was made using high-quality materials, is elegant and charming. Its classic style lends a touch of retro elegance to any ensemble, whether you're going to a game or just having a casual outing.

The comfort and style of this men's Blue Letterman Jacket are expertly balanced. Its eye-catching blue color goes well with any outfit, and its sturdy construction guarantees longevity. For a snug fit, the ribbed hem and cuffs ensure that you stay warm in the fall and winter.

Today, add the timeless appeal of our Blue Letterman Jacket to your wardrobe.

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